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Hello! Because I'm a woman of many hat's, I don't always have time to do everything I'd like.  I've always loved arts & crafts but with helping with the farm, preparing orders, delivering orders, making trips to different processors, trying to keep up with taking pictures, as well as sending out our Online Market, doing our Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, as well as normal household chores & now my Serendipity Giftstore... well I think you get the picture.  My true love is crocheting & crafting though.  So as time has passed, I'd like to focus more of my time creating as I life goes by far too quickly not to be doing what you truly enjoy.

I've had the Eggshell Pendants posted for awhile & haven't had time to really make any this past year.  Hopefully, that will change in the near future.  Recently, I have began crocheting again.  Crocheting is relaxing for me & it's a project that I can take with me & pick up and set down quickly.  You may have already seen me with my hook & yarn at the market.  

Items on this page may or may not be available.  I have an Etsy Store called Serendipity Giftstore & am on Facebook as well...  Serendipity Giftstore.  Products will be added as time allows.  I hope you enjoy browsing our website and remember to take time to do what you love!

Wishing you Health & Happiness!!!
~ Cindy

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